Free Proverb Teleprompter software

I was recently tasked with coming up with a teleprompter solution for my church. One of the requirements was that the software could controlled with a remote control. None of the teleprompter software out there (free or commercial) was able to support custom key bindings. So I decided to create my own. It is pretty full featured, comparable to many of the commercially available ones. It requires the .NET 4.0 framework.

Download Proverb Teleprompter here


System colors for WPF

Have you ever wanted to allow your WPF application’s to use the current user’s color scheme? Many people use custom color schemes for accessiblity or just for the heck of it. To keep your WPF application consistent with the rest of Windows, use the SystemColors brushes when possible.

The link below is a little utility application that shows the available colors and corresponding WPF brush names.

Download Source and Binary (VS2010 beta 2 solution and .NET 3.5)