Integrating TeamCity with Team Foundation Server – Part 2

An interesting solution to integrating TFS (on premises) with TeamCity for tightly Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). This solution probably does need some updating for TFS’s new build model. Also, it would be nice to have an automated provisioning mechanism. Having a solution like this in place would allow gating pull requests based on whether or not they have a successful TeamCity build.

The Road to ALM

In my previous post I introduced TeamCity as  an alternative build server to use in conjunction with Team Foundation Server. This post mainly focused on getting started with TeamCity and building sources coming from Team Foundation Server. At the end of this previous post I talked about the dependency of TFS artifacts with the TFS Build System. For example, selecting a build in Test Manager, can only be a build created with the TFS Build system. In this post I will talk about how to create a tight integration between TeamCity and TFS so that you can use the TeamCity build within Test Manager and in Work Items ….or at least fake that Winking smile..

Setting up TFS Build

As said, currently you need a build created in TFS in order to tie other artifacts to it. Of course you don’t need to tie everything together, but when you want traceability…

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