Useful free software tools

Here are just a few tools that I have found to help with daily computing activities. Some of the tools are target targeted toward software developers and Windows Media Center users. This is by no means comprehensive, I created it by picking a few tools from the list of all my downloads from the last 5 years.

General Utilities

  1. Free Download Manager (Great download manager)
  2. IZarc (Archive compression/decompression)
  3. 7-Zip (Archive compression/decompression)
  4. WinSCP (Secure FTP and SCP client)
  5. Switcher (Nifty way to manage multiple windows) (Vista/Windows 7 Only)
  6. KeePass Password Safe (Store and manage all of passwords securely)
  7. Folder Size for Windows Explorer (Windows XP only) (calculate the sizes of folders and adds a Folder Size column to explorer)
  8. TreeSize (Help manage and clean up your disk) (Use with Vista because FolderSize is not supported in Vista)
  9. Folder Size (GUI) Free tool to get the folder sizes (This is different than the “folderSize” explorer plugin for Windows XP)
  10. FastCopy (Expedites the process of copying files)
  11. LogonStudio (Customize your login screen)
  12. BootSkin (Customize your boot screen)
Vista Media Center (VMC)
  1. WebGuide (Watch and manage your Media Center remotely)
  2. The Maxifier (Useful if you watch Media Center on a second monitor while working)
  3. vmcNetFlix (Watch and manage Netflix in VMC or on extenders)
Video Tools
  1. GSpot Codec Information Appliance (Analyzes media files)
  2. VirutalDub
  3. visualJockey (great, free VJ application)
  4. VLC (decent video player that will play many formats)
  5. Huffyuv codec (Lossless compression, alpha channel support)
  6. Lagarith Lossless Video Codec (Lossless compression, alpha channel support)
  7. On2 VP3 Codec (Efficient with decent compression)
  8. Proverb Teleprompter (A tool for prompting actors/talent with text to read for new and talk shows)
Developer Tools
  1. RedGate .NET Reflector (Decompiles .NET assemblies)
  2. Windows PowerShell (Screw Batch scripting, PS is the way to go)
  3. PowerGUI (Great editor for PowerShell)
  4. Sysinternals Suite
  1. Open Office
  2. Paint.NET
  3. Inkscape (Illustration app, much like Adobe Illustrator)
  1. Microsft Security Essentials (Nice, free anti virus and malware protection)
  2. AVG Free (Offer some additional features MSE does not have)
  1. XPadder (Great tool to for gamers that want to use XBox/PS3 controllers with the PC)
  2. Wake up on Standby
Spiritual Tools
  1. e-Sword (Great free bible research tool)

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