grep for PowerShell

The unix grep command is always handy.  So I decided to make a PowerShell function that can recursively search through files and return the results with the search term highlighted.

function mgrep ([string] $search, [string] $include=”*”, [string] $path=”.”, [switch] $noRecurse=$false, [switch] $caseSensitive=$false)
 get-ChildItem -recurse:(-not $noRecurse) -force -include $include -path $path |
  Where-Object { $_ -is [System.IO.FileInfo] } |
   select-String -caseSensitive:$caseSensitive $search |
    format-table -p Filename, Linenumber, @{ Label = “Snippet”; Expression={$_.Line.Trim()}} -groupby path -autosize |
     Out-String -stream |
      foreach {
       $ct = 0
       $regExOptions = “None”
       if(-not $caseSensitive) { $regExOptions = “IgnoreCase” }
       $parts = [regex]::split($_,$search, $regExOptions);
       foreach ($part in $parts) {
        Write-host -nonewline $part
        if(++$ct -lt $parts.Length)
         Write-Host -nonewline -foregroundcolor yellow $search
       Write-Host “”
       $str = “”


“find the word ‘fundemental’ in all files recursing subdirectories and ignoring case”
mgrep fundemental  

“find the work ‘elaborate’ in files ending in TXT, do not recurse and match case”

mgrep elaborate *.txt -caseSensitive -noRecurse
mgrep elaborate *.txt -c -n


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